Silverlining® – The Idea

img_ideaHuman feet represent, together with hands, the corporeal region where there is most of the perspiration: an active process with a fundamental role in preserving the thermal equilibrium of the organism. Sweat is an hypotonic fluid secreted by sweat glands and composed mainly of water, ions (Sodium, Potassium, Chlorine), urea, fatty acids and cholesterol. Its composition provides microorganisms the nutrients necessary to their growth and thus to the formation of bad smell.

For all these reasons CONCERIA STEFANIA created and patented a leather lining for footwear which contains silver: SILVERLINING ®.

The shoe is the means through which , the foot can maintain its correct function. Style, colour and shape are certainly important, but shoes must also guarantee comfort.
In order to give such characteristics, lining – the part of the shoe in contact with the foot – plays the most important role.
Lining made of animal leather has breathable and thermoregulatory properties.
Leather lining is breathable; leather is, from an histological viewpoint, a tissue made by a thin, fibrous web that can be permeable to water vapour even after tanning. So humidity passes through it because of the capillary action.

Moreover, leather can absorb humidity quickly and releasing it slowly. This creates the comforting thermoregulatory effect. Even though this level of breathability can be reached also by other materials, the thermoregulatory effect is unlikely to be imitated.

Comfort given by leather is inimitable.