Silverlining® – Press Release

The antibacterial properties of silver were known also in the ancient times and nowadays this property is widely used in many fields. CONCERIA STEFANIA studied, carried out and took out a patent on a method to
produce a natural, breathable lining containing silver with an antibacterial effect.

In the factories of CONCERIA STEFANIA the setting up of the necessary technology to produce the so-called process SILVERLINING was carried out in order to guarantee the constant keeping of the quality standard of the production.

The antibacterial activity was checked by the Microbiology Laboratory of the Department of Biotechnologies and Biosciences of Milano-Bicocca university, where the antimicrobial activity of the leather treated with “SILVERLINING” method was established and scientifically documented through specific tests. The tests were made also on the SILVERLINING leather, subjected to abrasion through a machine called “Martindale” in order to simulate the wear, coming from the use of the shoe verifying that also after 51.200 cycles ( requirement for lining used in sport footwear), the antibacterial activity is kept. Together with Insubria University in Como, department of Science and High Technology, different controls were made to evaluate how the treatment worked from a chemical point of view, confirming that SIVERLINING method is valid and successful.

Nowadays CONCERIA STEFANIA can offer a highly innovative and performing product with characteristics and scientifically tested properties to the market.

SILVERLINING is a system applicable to the shoe linings, guaranteeing the breathability of the leather, because the treatment is made with water natural products ( among those , casein) that allows the user to have a very comfortable lining. Silver exerts its antibacterial power constantly and therefore it stops the development of bad smells due to the natural sweat of the foot. The unpleasant sensation of bad smell that develops in the shoe, is due to the action of some bacterial strains present in the organic substances of sweat; these substances supply the necessary nourishments to the micro-organisms for their development. The studies carried out by the University of Milano-Bicocca state that silver contained in SILVERLINING does a 100% of antibacterial activity ( AATCC 100,2004 and ASTM E2149, 2011 METHODS) and it can stop the proliferation of micro-organisms and the consequent growing of bad smell. The several carried-out samplings demonstrated that the SILVERLINING effect can be repeated and lasts in time.

The innovations brought by the patent of SILVERLINING got from CONCERIA STEFANIA, allow people to make shoes that offer all the peculiarities of the comfort of the natural leather with the addition of the proper antibacterial properties of silver.